Dog Beds

Give your dog the best sleep, from the moment they put their head down to the moment they bounce up to greet you in the morning, when you shop our fantastic selection of dog beds. Like people, dogs need plenty of quality rest to be healthy and happy, and that rest starts with a comfortable dog bed. No matter the size of your pooch, you will find great options here from brand names like Animal Planet, Fine Pet Products and more. Choose from solid colors and adorable prints, including elephants and paw prints. Pamper your pet with a cozy faux fur pet bed, an indoor pet house or a four-poster bed. Crate-trained puppies will love a linen crate mat or a self-heating pad for dogs. Enjoy shopping!

Your puppy works hard all day to please you, so make sure they have a cozy place to catch some z’s at night. Whether your dog sleeps at the foot of your bed, in their own special crate or in their doghouse in the yard, there is a perfect dog bed here to make their night better. Browse easy-to-clean mats, mattresses, beds and more for dogs of all sizes and breeds. Don’t forget to check out our whole website for the products you need to take great care of your pooch, from collars to toys and beyond. Keep the house clean, even when you’re potty training, with LED urine finder equipment and Urine Off spray. You can find a pet barrier for car safety and convenience, and so much more.